Give a gift

that goes above and beyond.

Looking for a gift that gives back?
Kiss My Parcel is here to help.

Small Local Businesses

Curating beautiful gifts full of unique and memorable products is our passion.

We spend a lot of time scouring tradeshows to find the best of the best, which we usually find to be locally sourced and manufactured or handmade.

Even though we can fulfill high volume orders for corporations on a weekly basis, we’re still a small, family-owned business, so we know how hard COVID-19 hit. Supporting small businesses not only gives them a boost during this difficult period but also ensures that every item in your hand-tailored gift boxes is unique, high-quality and made with love, showing how much your company cares.

We can even add a feel-good touch to your gift with cute story cards and pictures of the founders along with uplifting accounts of how their small businesses were started.

Minority Groups

Here at Kiss My Parcel, we’re a minority-owned business employing as many people as we can from a diverse range of cultures and underprivileged backgrounds.

We’re one big supportive family!

We extend this ethos to our suppliers by always opting for Fairtrade, as well as promoting and purchasing from as many minority-owned businesses as we can.
Every gift box purchased from us lets our disadvantaged brothers and sisters know that they’re doing great and gives them the drive to carry on fighting for equality.

Eco Friendly, Sustainable and
Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At Kiss My Parcel, we promise to do our part to keep our business and your business green.

We avoid plastic like the plague! We use as many sustainable materials in our products as possible, and most of our packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. Most of the fabrics we use are organic, and even our packing peanuts are biodegradable!

As a business, our goal is to use 100% renewable energy as soon as possible. In the meantime, we use minimal energy, opting for natural light in our warehouse during the lovely bright summer months.

We hate waste and will recycle anything from a broken office chair to shipping boxes.

We don’t just give gifts that give back to people; we give back to the environment.

Charitable Unique Gifts
Donated on Your Companies Behalf

With every order we receive, a portion of the proceeds will go to someone in need.

But rather than just passing along just cash, we go the extra mile: we’ll gift it forward as a tangible gift that ensures that every penny is spent where it is needed.

We’ll help you support your chosen cause in the most thoughtful and personal way possible. Whatever your chosen charity, we’ll craft the perfect gift to lift your intended recipient’s spirits, whether that means delightful dog treats for an animal shelter or a hamper of food, sanitary products, and essentials for a community centre.

With each Kiss My Parcel gift, your receiver will see how far their kindness has reached. We’ll also attach a little note letting your recipient know how their corporate gift has helped someone else.

At Kiss My Parcel, no food ever goes to waste! We’re lucky enough to work alongside the incredible Felix Project, who deliver nearly 3 million meals a year to stop people from going hungry. From packets of dried fruits and nuts to premium boxes of chocolates and luxury bottles of wine at Christmas, they get absolutely everything we overbuy or cannot use and deliver it fresh to those in need.

Meet your CSR aims
with a company that cares

Give more back with your gifts; kiss it forward with Kiss My Parcel!

We want to help you put a smile on someone’s face, which is why our gifting service makes it easy to give back to the community in more ways than one.

A Kiss My Parcel gift means giving someone the help they
need, wrapped up in a package that will make them smile.